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Ying Zhang

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Associate professor Zhang Ying was born in 1966. She received her BA in English Literature from Lanzhou University and her MA in Linguistics from Xidian University. She is a member of China Pragmatics Association and China English Literature Association.
She teaches courses on English literary history, college English, Pragmatics and English poetry in Xidian University, a key university in China. Her research covers literature, pragmatics, Chinese culture, and English education. She is also editor-in-chief of two textbooks.
She has long been interested in English literature, she always tries to discuss literary works in relation to their religious, philosophical, historical or social contexts.



Ying  Zhang
School of foreign languages, Xidian University, Xi'an, Shaanxi 710071

M.A. English. English Linguistics, July 2003
     Xidian University, Xi'an, Shaanxi, P.R.China
B.A .English. English Language and Literature, July 1986
     Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, Gansu, P.R.China

2001-present: Associate Professor, Xidian University
1992-2001:  Lecturer of English, Xidian University
Academic Leader of Poetic Research Team, English Department.(2008-present)
Graduate Instructor, English Department Xidian University (2003-present)
Graduate Student’s Advisor, English Department. (2003-present)
Instructor, English Department, Xidian University (1986-2010)

English 1062: A History of English Literature (Required Course). Fall 2007-present.
English 2235: Pragmatics. Spring (Elective Course)2003-present
English Poetry (For English Major Only. Required Course ). Fall 2006-2009
Integrated English Course (Required Course) Spring & Fall 1986-2010

“An Analysis of John Donne’s Love Poems in Biblical Vision”, History and Canon in Retrospective; International Conference on English & American Literature. Dalian, China. May.21-22, 2010
“The Problematic of Understanding Canon”, Plenary speech, National Conference on English & American Culture. Guilin, China. October. 22 to 24, 2010
“Self-consciousness in Christina Rossetti’s Poetry”. Seventh China Association for the Study of English Literature. Kaifeng, China. May. 7 to 10, 2009.
Meaning construction in Literary Pragmatics. China’s Ninth National Conference on Pragmatics, Shanghai, China, July 25 to 28, 2005.

Outstanding Teacher Award. Xidian University. 2010
Research Excellence Award, English Department, Xidian University. 2005
Teaching Excellence Award. Xidian University. 2001
Outstanding Teacher Award. English Department, Xidian University. 1998


Selected Translations of Classic Chinese Essays. Chief Editor.  Xi’an Jiaotong University Press 2010
Practical English Writing. Chief Editor.. Xidian University Press.2006

Articles since 2003
On the Supernatural Features of Time. Journal of Henan Normal University.2010.2. 37(141):39-42
Time and Consciousness in Robert Penn Warren’s Poetry. Fudan Forum on Foreign Languages and Literature. Spring,2010. 47-52
A Pragmatic-Cognitive Approach to Literary Works. Masterpieces Review.2010.4. 320:135-137
An analysis of John Donne’s Love Poems in Biblical Vision. Biblical Literature Studies. 2009. (3):265-278
An analysis of self-consciousness in Christina Rossetti’s poems. Feitian 2009,12. 556:54-55
A Research on the Contexts in Multimedia-Assisted English Teaching. Journal of Xidian University.2008, 74:192-195
2007 Simplicity in Loneliness---An Interpretation of Emily Dickinson’s Poetry. Masterpieces Review. 2007.12.  235:97-99
The Pragmatic Function of Subjective Narration and Objective Desc[ant]ription in Literary Text. Journal of Xi’an University of Arts and Science. 2006,2.  9(35):1-4
Deep Image and Robert Bly’s Meditation in Poetry. Journal of Xi’an University of Arts and Science. 2005, 4.  8(31):34-36
Conversion of Deixis and Semantic Dimensionality of Literary Works. Journal of Xi’an International Studies University. 2005, 3.  13(39):5-6
The Encounter of Souls--- A Comparative Study of William Wordsworth’s Poetry and Kuangxie’s Essay. Tangdu Journal. 2004, 1. 20(1):139-141
Introspection, Reverence and Excitation---On Emily Dickinson’s Inner World. Journal of Xidian University.2003,3.  13(50):97-100

A  Multi-dimensional Study of John Donne’s The Progress of the Soul  2009
A me]taphysical Interpretation of The Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions 2010