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Dr. Zan Li

Full Professor at Xidian University

Department: the School of Telecommunications Engineering

Contact Information

E-mail: zanli@xidian.edu.cn

Tel: (029) 88204116

Office Address: Room 1007, Area A, Sci-tech Building, North Campus, Xidian University


Zan Li

Education Experience

  • 2000/08-2006/12,XiDian University,Communication Engineering Institute,Doctor of Engineering
  • 1998/08-2001/03,XiDian University,Communication Engineering Institute,Master of Engineering
  • 1994/08-1998/06,XiDian University,Communication Engineering Institute,Bachelor of Engineering

Work Experience

  • 2002/06-now,XiDian University,ISN National Key Laboratory,Lecturer/Associate Professor/Professor
  • 2009/07-2009/09,European IMEC Technology Center,A visiting scholar
  • 2012/07-now,XiDian University,Head of Military Communications
  • 2013/09-now,ISN National Key Laboratory,Director of "Communication Signal Processing" Research Center


  • Youth Science and Technology Innovation Leader(2016)
  • Chinese Young Women Scientists Award(2015)
  • China Youth Science and Technology Award(2013)
  • Shaanxi Youth Science and Technology Model(2013)
  • Shaanxi Youth Science and Technology Award(2012)
  • Sanqin Talent(2012)
  • Wuyi Models(2011)
  • Youth Science and Technology Star in Shaanxi Province(2010)
  • Young people in Shaanxi Province(2008)
  • New Century Talents Program(2007)
  • The 10th Young Teachers Fund for Institutions of Higher Education in the Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation(2006)


  • The 12th China Youth Federation
  • Chinese Institute of Electronics Fellowship
  • IET Fellow
  • IEEE Senior Member
  • Deputy Editor of International Journal:International Journal of Communications Systems  (IF=1.106)
  • International Journal Editorial Board:International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks (IF=0.923)
  • International Conference Invitational Report:IEEE EISIC 2015
  • International Conference President:IEEE CITS 2016
  • Organizing Committee Co-Chair:IEEE CIT 2014、EISIC 2015、CHINACOM 2015
  • Program Committee Member:IEEE ICC 2015、CECNET 2014、ICCIT 2015
  • International Conference Chapter Chair:IEEE WCNC2009、IEEE ICCS 2008
  • China Communications Association,China Association of Women Science and Technology Workers


Research Interests

1.Burst Communication

2.Digital Signal Processing

3.Wireless Communication