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Name  Fu Yulong

Title  Lecturer

Department: School of Cyber Engineering

Contact Information

Address: No. 2 Taibai South, Xidian University

Email: ylfu@xidian.edu.cn

Tel: +86 15399016660


Fu Yulong was born in Sep. 24 1983 in QiQihar, China. He got his bachelor degree of IMS and master degree of software engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology, and another master degree of Production Automation from University of Bordeaux 1. He recieved his PhD. degree of computer science from University of Pau in the year of 2014. Now, he is working as a lecturer in the research team of Prof. Li Hui of Xidian University.  


Research Interests
  1. Formal based security analysis
  2. SDN and IoT in 5G Security
  3. Security issues over Cloud System
  4. Fuzzy Logic and Security
  5. Intrusion Detection