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  • Course developer and runner: “Trust Management” in Xidian University, master and PhD lectures with a solely written English book (since 2015, regular master/PhD course);

Zheng Yan, “Trust Management in Mobile Environments – Usable and Autonomic Models”, IGI Global, Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA, 2013;

  • Course master and runner: “Mobile Security and Trust” in Xidian University, master and PhD lectures, English course (2014, 2016);
  • Security and Privacy in Mobile Networks, English course, bachelor level(2018,2019)
  • Security in Mobile Communications, English course, bachelor level (2017)
  • Course runner: “Routing in Communication Networks” S-38.2121 in Aalto University, master level (10-12.2013/2014);
  • Course developer: “The Basic of Trust Management” in Xidian University, bachelor level course (2013-);
  • Tutor: CSE-E5000 Seminar on “Software Systems, Technologies and Security” (Fall 2015);
  • Tutor of postgraduate seminar on “Network Security” T-110: 5291 in Aalto University, PhD level (09.2011-12.2011, 09.2012-12.2012, 09.2013-12.2013);
  • PhD student seminar runner: “Trust and Identity”, in Aalto University, PhD level (02.2011- 06.2011);
  • Tutor/Teaching Assistant: Helsinki University of Technology, PhD level (2002-2004).
  • Supervised 12 bachelor theses and 16 master theses (2010-date)
  • Supervised 16 master theses (2010-date)