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University Cooperation
  • Aalto University (05.2009 - date): Acted as the master thesis instructor of master program students. Three students instructed by me have graduated with the highest thesis score and each has 6-8 publications. One student got a full scholarship to join a PhD programme in Human Computer Interaction Group, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • Xi’an Jiaotong University (07.2011 - date): Cooperation with the team of Prof. Qinghua Zheng and Prof. Jun Liu on data mining, intrusion detection and malware detection. Co-edited a number of SI, e.g., in Information Fusion, ACM TOMM, etc.
  • EPFL (05.2009 - 10.2010): Cooperation with the team of Prof. Jean-Pierre Hubaux, EPFL, Lausanne, on data centric trust management in pervasive social networking. Co-instructed a PhD student.
  • Huazhong Univ. of Science and Technology (07.2009 - date): Run the cooperation with Huazhong Univ. of Science and Technology, China, acted as the instructors of two PhD students, cooperated several paper publications. Invited to visit HUST in Oct. 2010 and gave a speech on “Building Trust in Mobile Environments”.
  • Singapore Management University (09.2009 - 09.2010): Acted as a Nokia contact for the cooperation with Singapore Management University for the Nokia donated project “The Use of Mobile Devices in RFID-based Supply Chain Management”. Developed a mobile user data privacy preservation solution for mobile internet services, co-instructed a PhD student. The project worked out a couple of joint publications. Visting SMU in Jan-Feb 2016 as a visting professor.
  • Renmin University of China (01.2007 – 12.2008): Acted as a project manager and principle investigator of human-machine trust interaction and led the cooperation between Nokia Research Center (Helsinki) and Renmin University of China. Coordinated the cooperation and knowledge exchange between Nokia security and trust research and Chinese academia (e.g., Tsinghua Univ.). This project explores a user driven trust modeling and management methodology based on a psychometrical method in order to design and develop a usable trust management system, e.g., for mobile applications and services, and pervasive social networking. This cooperation worked out a number of joint papers.
International Exchange
  • Invited AXA Prof. Robert H. Deng, Fellow of Singapore Academy of Engineering, IEEE Fellow, to visit Xidian University in June 2019.
  • Invited Prof. Mohammed Atiquzzaman (University of Oklahoma, USA) to visit Xidian University in May 2019.
  • Invited Prof. Valtteri Niemi, University of Helsinki to teach in Xidian University in May 2019.
  • Invited IEEE life fellow Prof. Stephen S. Yau (Arizona State University, US) to visit Xidian University in May 2012;
  • Invited Prof. Yan Wang (Macquarie University, Australia) to visit Xidian University in Dec. 2011;
  • Invited Nokia IR directors Mr. Harri Hongasalo (Finland) and Mr. Gordon Huang (US) to visit Xidian University in Dec. 2011;
  • Invited Prof. Valtteri Niemi (Nokia Fellow) (University of Turku, Finland) to visit Xidian University in 11. 2011 and 09.2013;
  • Invited Prof. Raimo Kantola (Aalto University), Prof. Laurence T. Yang (St. Francis Xavier University, Canada) and IEEE fellow Prof. Wenjing Lou (Virginia Tech, US), Prof. Valtteri Niemi to visit Xidian, based on ‘111’ program sponsored by the Ministry of Education of China and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of China (Grant No. B08038) and High-end Foreign Experts Recruitment Program of China (2013);
  • Invited IEEE fellow/IET fellow Prof. Hsiao-Hwa Chen (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan), IEEE fellow/SCS fellow Prof. Mohammad S. Obaidat (Monmouth University, USA), IEICE fellow/IPSJ fellow Prof. Hideko S. Kunii (Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan), Prof. Mohammed Atiquzzaman (University of Oklahoma, USA), Prof. Zhiyong Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), Prof. Jinjun Chen (University of Technology Sydney, Australia), Dr. Alvin Chin (Microsoft, China), Dr. Chonggang Wang (IntelDigital, USA), Prof. Daming Wei (University of Aizu and Tohoku University, Japan), Prof. Christian Prehofer (fortiss, Germany) to visit the State Key Lab of ISN, Xidian University in Sept. 2014;
  • Invited IEEE Fellow, Prof. Witold Pedrycz (Univ. of Alberta, Canada), IEEE Fellow, Prof. Thomas Hou (VirginiaTech, US), Prof. Honggang Wang (UMass Dartmouth, US), Prof. Jian Ren (Michigan State Univ., US), Dr. (Anand Prasad) to visit the State Key Lab of ISN, Xidian University in June 2016;
  • Coordinated international education cooperation and exchange between Aalto University and Xidian University.