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Name Title   Prof.  Zhu Manzuo

Department: School of Engineering Electronic

Contact Information

Address:   II-301, West  Building

Email:  mzzhu@xidian.edu.cn





Curriculum Vitae



Name:  Manzouneezii  Chu

Date and Place of birth:    July  5  1960, Changning Town, Wugong County,Shaanxi, China

Gender: Male




Mar 1967 to Jun 1973, Gangzicun school. Chang-nin, Wu-Gong, Shaanxi, China.

Mar 1973 to Jun 1975, Chang-nin middle school. Wu-gong County, Shaanxi Province, China.

Mar 1977 to July 1978, Xue-gu senior middle school. Wu-gong County, Shaanxi Province, China.

Sept 1978 to June 1982,  Xidian University, Bechalor of Science in Physics.

Sept 1982 to April 1985,   Xidian University, Master of Science in Applied Physics.

Mar 2001 to May 2007,  Xidian University,  Ph D in Electronic Sci. and Tech.


Work experience

Jun 2003 to today, Prof. Xidian University.

Dec 1994 to May 2003, Vice Prof. Xidian University.

May 1987 to Nov 1994, Lecturer, Xidian University.

May 1985 to Feb 1987, Assistant Teacher, Xidian University.

Research Interests

1     Electrical  Impedance  Tomography (EIT)

2     Electromagnetic  Compatibility (EMC) 

3     Environmental  Electromagnetism

4     Quantum   Computation  and  Quantum  Information

5    Terahertz   Technology