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Harsan Haijiao Ma  

Assoc. Prof.

Low Dimensional Quantum Physics & Device Group,

School of Microelectronics, XiDian University

Contact Information


Email: mahj07(at)xidian.edu.cn



Assoc. Prof. Dr Ma was born in 1990, and he got his Bachelar degree in Physics in June 2011 from LanZhou University. He was awarded PhD degree in condensed matter physics in Dec. 2015 from National University of Singapore. 

From Apr. 2016-Feb. 2018 he was a postdoc in University of Tuebingen, Germany.

In 2016, Dr Ma was awarded the most outstanding PhD thesis (Medal Prize) in Singapore by Material Research Society of Singapore.

In 2017, Dr Ma got the the Humboldt Scholarship and he was awarded the Humboldt Scholar.

In 2018, Dr Ma joined XiDian University.

Research Interests

1. Perovskite oxides-based spintronics/spinorbitronics devices.
2. Quantum effects/phenomena at oxides interfaces.