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Name Title:Zheng-Jun Li Associate Professor

Department: School of physics optoelectronic engineering, Xidian University, Xi’an Shaanxi, 710071, China.

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    My name is Zhengjun Li, born in November 1985, China. I received the B.Sc. degree in applied physics, from Xidian University, in 2007 and Ph.D. degree in physics, from Xidian University in 2012. After graduation, I become a teacher in Xidian University.I am currently a Professor at Xidian University.

    In the past ten years, we has been engaged in the reasearch on the interaction between virous types of complex particles such as anisotropic particle, chiral particle et al with laser beams such as Gaussian beam, Bessel beam, Vortex beam et al. We investigated systermly following context:

1. The scattering characteristics of single anisotropic sphere, anisotropic coated sphere illuminated by Gaussian beam, Bessel beam and Vortex beam;

2. The scattering characteristics of an aggregate of isotropic/anisotropic spherical particles illumniated by a plane wave, a Gaussian beam and Bessel beam;

3. The scattering and rainbow characteristics of a chiral spherical particles with large sizes by a plane wave and Gaussian beam;

4. The radiation force and torque of a anisotropic sphere, a chiral sphere and Biological cell in a Gaussian beam trap, vorter light trap and so on.

We have published more than 50 important papers in Optical Express, J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer., IEEE Trans Antennas Propagat., Appl Opt., J Opt Soc Am A. and so on.

internal fields of anisotropic sphere, vorter beam, Rainbow of multil[ant]ayer chiral sphere

Scattering of multiple anisotropic particles