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Zhang Junying


            PhD Tutor

           Academic leader

             IEEE member

       Senior Member of China Electronics Society

      Senior Member of China Automation Society

      Shaanxi Provincial Graphic and Image Society Director



Doctoral Discipline: Intelligent Information Processing

Master's degree: Computer Applications

Work unit: Computer College


contact address:

   Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, School of Computer Science, 161# Mailbox




Office Phone:


Office location:

     Opposite to the main building 420


Zhang Junying,  doctor, professor, doctoral supervisor, academic leader of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology. IEEE member, senior member of China Electronics Society, senior member of China Computer Society, Shaanxi Province emergency management expert, evaluation expert in the western region of Shaanxi Province, national study fund project evaluation expert, National Natural Science Foundation project evaluation expert, Shaanxi Provincial Education Department Nature Scientific fund project review experts, Ningbo Science and Technology Plan project review experts, Beijing Natural Science Foundation project review experts, etc.; Chinese Science, Automation Journal, Electronic Journal, Neurocomputing, Digital Signal processing, BMC Bioinformatics, ACM Computing Surveys and other publications expert.


   Graduated from Xi'an University of Technology in 1982

   Master of Computer Application, Xidian University, 1985

   Received a Ph.D. in Signal and Information Processing from Xidian University in 1998

   Received the title of professor in 1998

   Received the title of academic leader in 2000

   In 2004, he was awarded the title of subject leader in school.


   From 2001 to 2002, he was selected by the China Scholarship Council as a visiting scholar in the United States for one year. In 2004, he was invited to be a visiting scholar at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for three months. In 2007, he was invited to be a visiting professor at the Virginia Tech University in the United States for half a year.


   In terms of scientific research, he has presided over the National (Youth) Natural Science Fund Project (Responsible), the National Natural Science Foundation Project (3), the National Defense Cross-Industry Fund Project, the National Key Laboratory Open Fund Project (6), and the National Study Abroad The fund project, the Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Research Project, the 15th National Defense Research Fund Project (participants), and the main accomplishers participated in the research project of the National Institutes of Health (participants) and the project of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In 2004, the Ministry of Education nominated the first prize of the National Natural Science Award, the second prize of the scientific research achievement of Shaanxi Province, the first prize of the outstanding science and technology youth of the Ministry of Electronics, the first prize of the outstanding young teachers of the school, the second prize of the youth lecture competition, etc. reward. The papers were published in "J.VLSI SP", "Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience", "Information Technology Journal", "IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine", "IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science", "IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience". 》, Progress in Natural Science, Science in China, Science in China, Journal of Electronics, Journal of Automation, Journal of Communications, Journal of Physics, Control and Decision, Photoelectron and Laser "Applied Intelligence" and a number of academic journals with important influence at home and abroad, as well as a series of internationally important academic conferences such as ICIP, ICNNSP and ICSP.


   Has long been engaged in computational bioinformatics, molecular imaging, DNA microarray data analysis, artificial neural networks, pattern recognition, genetic algorithms, intelligent information processing and image processing, radar automatic target recognition, etc., has published more than 80 academic papers .


Computational bioinformatics, including computational bioinformatics related to cancer genesis and cancer diagnosis, biomorphology discovery and recognition, gene regulatory networks and other medical image processing, including image segmentation, image fusion, and filtering of low-dose CT images. Machine learning, including reason learning in data, artificial neural networks, clustering and classification of ultra-high-dimensional data, pattern discovery and pattern recognition, and application of large-scale combinatorial optimization problems in pattern recognition, including multi-constraint short-circuit problems, Large-scale traveling salesman problem, coloring problem of graph, maximum flattening problem of graph, etc.