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Full List of Publications: [Jianfeng Wang]

Accepted Papers

Jianfeng Wang, Shi-Feng Sun, Tianci Li, Saiyu Qi, and Xiaofeng Chen. Practical Volume-Hiding Encrypted Multi-Maps with Optimal Overhead and Beyond. ACM CCS 2022      Accepted 

Recent Publications

  1. Jianfeng Wang, Xiaofeng Chen, Xinyi Huang, Ilsun You and Yang Xiang. Verifiable auditing for outsourced database in cloud computing. IEEE Transactions on Computers, 64(11): 3293-3303, 2015.        (CCF A)
  2. Jianfeng Wang, Xiaofeng Chen, Shi-Feng Sun, Joseph Liu, Man Ho Au, and Zhi-Hui Zhan. Towards Efficient Verifiable Conjunctive Keyword Search for Large Encrypted Database. ESORICS 2018LNCS 11099, PP. 83-100, 2018.    (CCF/CACR B)
  3. Chunyang Lv, Jianfeng Wang(Corresponding Author), Shi-Feng Sun, Yunling Wang, Saiyu Qi, and Xiaofeng Chen. Efficient Multi-Client Order Revealing Encryption and Its Applications.  ESORICS 2021, LNCS 12973, PP.  44-63, 2021.    (CCF/CACR B)
  4. Zongjun Zhang, Jianfeng Wang(Corresponding Author), Yunling Wang, Yaping Su, and Xiaofeng Chen. Towards Efficient Verifiable Forward Secure Searchable Symmetric Encryption. ESORICS 2019, LNCS 11736, PP.  304-321, 2019.    (CCF/CACR B)
  5. Saiyu Qi, Jianfeng Wang, Meixia Miao, Meng Zhang, and Xiaofeng Chen. TinyEnc: Enabling Compressed and Encrypted Big Data Stores with Rich Query Support.  IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing.   DOI: 10.1109/TDSC.2021.3129332   (CCF A)  
  6. Jianghong Wei, Xiaofeng Chen, Jianfeng Wang, Xuexian Hu, and Jianfeng Ma. Enabling (End-to-End) Encrypted Cloud Emails With Practical Forward Secrecy.  IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, Vol. 17, 1053-1068, 2022   (CCF A)  
  7. Qin Jiang , Ee-chien Chang , Yong Qi , Saiyu Qi, Pengfei Wu and Jianfeng Wang. Rphx: Result Pattern Hiding Conjunctive Query over Private Compact Index Using Intel SGX.  IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security.  DOI: 10.1109/TIFS.2022.3144877   (CCF A)  
  8. Jianfeng Wang, Xiaofeng Chen, Jin Li, Jiaolian Zhao and Jian Shen. Towards Achieving Flexible and Verifiable Search for Outsourced Database in Cloud Computing. Future Generation Computer Systems, Vol. 67, 266-275, 2017.  (CACR B)
  9. Meixia Miao, Jianfeng Wang(Corresponding Author), Sheng Wen, and Jianfeng Ma. Publicly verifiable database scheme with efficient keyword search. Information Sciences, Vol.475, 18-28, 2019.    (CCF/CACR B) 
  10. Yunling Wang, Shi-Feng Sun, Jianfeng Wang, Joseph Liu, and Xiaofeng Chen. Achieving Searchable Encryption Scheme with Search Pattern Hidden.  IEEE Transactions on Services Computing. 15(2), 1012-1025, 2022.     (CCF B)
  11. Jianghong Wei, Xiaofeng Chen, Jianfeng Wang, Xuexian Hu, and Jianfeng Ma. Forward-Secure Puncturable Identity-Based Encryption for Securing Cloud Emails.  ESORICS 2019, LNCS 11736, PP.  134-150, 2019.    (CCF/CACR B)
  12. Haoran Yuan, Xiaofeng Chen, Jin Li, Tao Jiang, Jianfeng Wang, Robert Deng. Secure cloud data deduplication with efficient re-encryption. IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, Vol 541, 409-425, 2020.    (CCF B) 
  13. Jianfeng Wang, Hua Ma, Qiang Tang, Jin Li, Hui Zhu, Siqi Ma and Xiaofeng Chen. Efficient Verifiable Fuzzy Keyword Search over Encrypted Data in Cloud Computing, Computer Science and Information Systems, 10(2):667-684, 2013. (Google Scholar Citations: 115)
  14. Jianfeng Wang, Xiaofeng Chen, Jin Li, Kamil Kluczniak, Mirosław Kutyłowski. TrDup: enhancing secure data deduplication with user traceability in cloud computing. International Journal of Web and Grid Services, 13(3): 270-289, 2017. (Extended Version of Best paper award of BWCCA'15). (PDF) 
  15. Jianfeng Wang, Meixia Miao, Yaqian Gao and Xiaofeng Chen. Enabling Efficient Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search for Outsourced Database in Cloud Computing. Soft Computing. 20(11): 4487-4495, 2016.    (CCF C)
  16. Tianci Li and Jianfeng Wang(Corresponding Author). Efficient Volume-Hiding Encrypted Multi-Maps with Support for Conjunctive Queries. IFIP Sec 2022.       (CCF C)
  17. Zhonghao Yuan, Jiaojiao Wu, Jianpeng Gong, Yao Liu, Guohua Tian, Jianfeng Wang(Corresponding Author). Blockchain-based Self-auditing Scheme with Batch Verification for Decentralized Storage. Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing. Accepted  (CCF C)
  18. Jinfeng Liu, Jianfeng Wang(Corresponding Author), Xiaoling Tao, Jian Shen. Secure similarity-based cloud data deduplication in Ubiquitous city. Pervasive and Mobile Computing. Volume 41, 231-242, 2017.    (CCF C)
  19. Hui Huang, Xiaofeng Chen, Jianfeng Wang. Blockchain-based multiple groups data sharing with anonymity and traceability. SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences. 63, 130101 (2020).   (CCF B)
  20. Meixia Miao, Jianfeng Wang, Jianfeng Ma, and Willy Susilo. Publicly verifiable databases with efficient insertion/deletion operations. Journal of Computer and System Sciences, Vol. 86, 49-58, 2017.    (CCF B)
  21. Kamil Kluczniak, Jianfeng Wang, Xiaofeng Chen, Mirosław Kutyłowski. Multi-device anonymous authentication. International Journal of Information Security18 (2), 181-197, 2019.   (CACR B)
  22. Fatos Xhafa, Jianfeng Wang, Xiaofeng Chen, Joseph K Liu, Jin Li, Paul Krause. An efficient PHR service system supporting fuzzy keyword search and fine-grained access control. Soft Computing, 18(9): 1795-1802, 2013.    (CCF C)
  23. Jianfeng Wang and Xiaofeng Chen. Efficient and secure storage for outsourced data: A survey. Data Science and Engineering, 1(3):178-188, 2016.    (Invited paper)
  24. Jianfeng Wang, Xiaofeng Chen, Jin Li, Kamil Kluczniak and Miroslaw Kutylowski. A New Secure Data Deduplication Approach Supporting User Traceability. BWCCA 2015, pp. 120-124.    (Best Paper Award)
  25. Meixia Miao, Jianfeng Wang, Hui Li, Xiaofeng Chen. Secure multi-server-aided data deduplication in cloud computing. Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Vol. 24, 129-137, 2015.    (CCF C)
  26. Yunling Wang, Jianfeng Wang, Shi-Feng Sun, Joseph K Liu, Willy Susilo, Xiaofeng Chen. Towards Multi-user Searchable Encryption Supporting Boolean Query and Fast Decryption. ProvSec 2017, pp.24-38.    (CACR C)
  27. Qin Zou, Jianfeng Wang, Jun Ye, Jian Shen, Xiaofeng Chen. Efficient and secure encrypted image search in mobile cloud computing. Soft Computing, 21(11): 2959-2969, 2017.    (CCF C)