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Name: Hongying LIU ,

Title: Associate professor

School of Electronic Engineering,

Contact Information


P.O. Box 224, Xidian University,
NO.2 South Taibai Road,
Xi'An 710071,China

Email: hyliu@xidian.edu.cn


Tel: +86-029-88204298

Office: MainBuilding III-405


HongyingLiu   received her B.E. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science and Technology from Xi’An University of Technology, China, in 2006 and 2009, respectively, and Ph.D. in Engineering from Waseda University, Japan in 2012.Currently, she is a faculty member at the School of Electronic Engineering, and also with the Key Laboratory of Intelligent Perception and Image Understanding of Ministry of Education,Xidian University, China. In addition, she is a member of IEEE. Her major research interests include intelligent signal processing, machine learning, compressive sampling,etc.


Research Interests

1.Machine learning

2.  Artificial intelligence
3. Deep learning

4. Image processing