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Dr. Hong Zhou

School of Microelectronics

Contact Information

E-mail: hongzhou@xidian.edu.cn


Education Background:

BS: Univ. of Electronic Sci. and Tech. of China, Chengdu, China, 2010.

PHD: Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA, 2017. Advisor: Prof. Peide D. Ye.

Postdoc: Univ. of California Berkeley, Berkeley, USA, 2018, Advisor: Prof. Sayeef Salahuddin & Prof. Chenming Hu

Research Interests

1. GaN and Ga2O3 DC and RF Power Electronics
2. Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and Atomic Layer Epitaxy (ALE) Dielectrics
3. Negative Capacitance (NC) Field-Effect Transistors (FETs)
4. 2D MOSFET for Logic and RF Applications
5. Semiconductor Device Fabrication and Characterization