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I joined Xidian University in 2020 as a Distinguished Professor,Dean of Reserach Institute of Smart Transportation Systems, vice-Dean of Guangzhou Research Institute, and vice-Director of the State Key Lab of Integrated Service Networks. Before that, I was a tenured Professor at the University of Sydney and the University of Technology Sydney. 


I have published three books, three book chapters, and over 200 other papers in journals and refereed conference proceedings and these publications have been cited more than 10,000 times. Twelve of them were in the list of ESI highly cited publications. I have received and completed a number of competitive industrial and academic research grants from the Australian Research Council, National ICT Australia (Data61, CSIRO), Optus, DSTO, US Air Force Office of Scientific Research and Asian Office of Aerospace Research & Development, whose total value exceeds A million. In 2017, as a UTS research leader in Intelligent Transportation Systems, I took part in the iMove CRC application, which received 55 million Australian dollars over 10 years from the Australian Federal government matched with 179 million Australian dollars in cash and in-kind participant contributions. iMove CRC aims to exploit digital and evolving vehicle technologies to enable traffic to flow more smoothly, creating more efficient intermodal connections and offer real time choice to travelers and freight operators. The outcomes are reduced congestion, fuel use and emissions and improved national productivity and competitiveness. In 2019, as the lead Chief Investigator, I was awarded the National Key Research and Development Program of China "Integration and Implementation of Highways Intelligent Road-Vehicle Collaboration Systems", totaling ~¥120 million.


I am a Fellow of IEEE and a Fellow of IET. I am a co-chair of IEEE Intelligent Transportation Society Technical Committee on Communication Networks (2013-2018), an editor of the IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (since 2018), IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications (2014-2019) and IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (since 2010). I received a number of academic awards.


Each year, I have quota to recruit 3 PhD students and a number of master student. 



Email: gqmao@xidian.edu.cn 


Research Interests

1. Intelligent Transport Systems

2. Smart roads for connected and autonomous vehicles.

3. Vehicular networks.

4. Next generation mobile communication systems.

5. Internet of Things.

6. Wireless localization techniques.