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1. High efficiency analog front-end integrated circuits and systems (90305200001), NSFC innovation group (2021-2025)

2.Research on microwave passive circuit integration technology based on silicon via, key project of NSFC (2020-2024)

3. Design and implementation of high-speed intelligent 2D/3D image sensor based on flight time, key R & D plan of the Ministry of science and Technology (2020-2022)

4. Smart XX sensing micro system, *** Commission (2019-2020)

5. GNC microsystem multi physical field coupling XX technology, *** Commission (2019-2020)

6. 3D integrated RF microsystem multi physical field coupling analysis and collaborative design technology, *** Commission (2019-2020)

7. Sensitive film and sensor chip, key R & D plan of the Ministry of science and Technology (2017-2020)

8. 3D integrated photoelectric XX microsystem,*** Commission(2017-2019)

9. Independent multi-source GNC microsystem 3D system integration XX technology, *** Commission(2017.1-2017.12)

10. Aerospace high reliability silicon-based inertial microsystem technology foundation, key project of NSFC (2016-2020)

11. High sensitivity and low power infrared technology, *** Commission(2016-2019)

12.Three dimensional integrated SRAM development pilot base, major project of Shaanxi Provincial Department of science and Technology (2016-2018)