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Name: Guangbao Shan

Title: Professor

Department:School of Microelectronics

Contact Information

Address: No. 2, Taibai South Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi

Email: gbshan@xidian.edu.cn



Guangbao Shan is a professor of Xidian University. He has successively served as deputy director and the chief expert of Shaanxi 3D microsystem Engineering Center, member of space optical electromechanical committee, expert of GNC micro system project of MCTC, Editorial board member of several journals, IPC member of International Conference on microelectronic devices and technologies. He focus on system integration and microsystem technology for nearly 20 years. He has successively presided over / participated in more than 20 R & D projects , including NSFC innovation group, NSFC key project, National high technology research and development plan, National key research and development program and so on. The total research funds is about hundreds of millions yuan. He has published more than 30 papers in IEEE TCPMT, ITCAD, Micromachines, JJAP, micpr and other journals. More than 30 patents have been authorized.


Research Interests

1.3D integration
2.  Microsystem 
4.System integratio