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Name : Felix Liu

Post: associate professor

Master degree: master tutor, doctoral supervisor

Dr Discipline: optical engineering

Master of science: optical engineering

Work unit: College of physics and optoelectronic engineering

Contact Information

Postcode: 710071

Business address: Room 210, zone II, west building, xi an university of electronic scienic and technology, no.2, taibai south road, xi an city 

Email address: feiliu@xidian.edu.cn


     Felix Liu, male, doctor, associate professor, master tutor, doctoral supervisor.

     In 2011, he was admitted to xidian university, majoring in optical engineering. In 2015, he went to the Georgia Institute of Technology for further study as a visiting scholar, and in 2019, he went to the University of Arizona for exchange. In 2016, he graduated from the school of physics and optoelectronic engineering, xidian university, majoring in optical engineering, and has been teaching there ever since.

    Associate editor of SPIE Journal of Nanophotonics(SCI collection); Editor of the American Journal of Optics & Photonics.

    Reviewers of internationally renowned Optical journals such as Optics Letters, Optics Express, Applied Optics, Journal of Optical Society of American , IEEE Photonic Technology Letters, etc.

   Visiting researcher of the state key laboratory of applied optics of chunguang machine, President of science of China.

   Travel Lecture of American optical society(OSA).

   Mainly engaged in the research of new system computing imaging technology and image processing technology.

   He successively presided over the youth program of national natural science fund, China postdoctoral science foundation projects, postdoctoral science foundation of China shaanxi province natural science foundation of China, the Chinese Academy of Sciences state key laboratory of applied optics fund and the central university of basic scientific research business expenses, such as a number of research projects, as a main municipality participate in military science and cutting-edge innovation projects, Equipment pre-research project of the 13th five-year plan and defense industry bureau national defense basic scientific research projects and so on many national key projects. He has published more than 20 academic papers in internationally renowned journals such as Optics Letters, Optics Express and Applied Optics, and has been granted 6 national invention patents and Applied for more than 10 national invention patents.


Research Interests

1.Calculate polarization imaging technique
2.  New body computer imaging and image processing technology
3.Wide-area high resolution imaging technology

Admission Information

1.Mainly engaged in the new system of computer imaging technology and image processing technology.

Welcome the students who   have ideas and plans to register.

2.Now he is a part time tutor in guangzhou graduate school of xidian university,

Students interested in the construction of the greater bay area are welcome to apply.