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Name Title Dr. Dacheng Zhang, Associate Professor

Department: School of Physics and Optoeletronic Engineering

Contact Information

Address: No.2 Taibai Rd, Xi'an, Shaaxi, China

Email: dch.zhang@xidian.edu.cn



Institute of Modern Physics, CAS, Research Assistant 2004.3-2009.1

Institute of Modern Physics, CAS, Research Associate 2009.2-2014.10

Institute of Modern Physics, CAS, Associate Professor 2014.11-2016.6

School of Physics and Optoeletronic Engineering, Xidian University 2016.7-now


B.SChangchun University of Science and Technology, 1999.9-2003.7

M.SInstitute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2005.9-2008.7

Thesis:Studies of laser induced-breakdown spectroscopy of plant samples

Ph.DInstitute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2009.9-2012.7

Thesis: Studies of Double-pulse laser induced-breakdown spectroscopy

Research Interests
  1. Responsible for laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) experiments: The compact LIBS setup, the remote LIBS system were designed and constructed; the mechanism of the signal enhancement of double-pulse LIBS was investigated; fresh plant samples, metal samples, drugs, liquid and gas samples were analyzed by LIBS. 
  2. Responsible for the experiments of laser resonance ionization mass spectrometry (RIMS): designed and constructed the experimental platform for RIMS for experiments; optimized dye laser and optical parameters oscillator systems; some resonance ionization experiments about Ca、Cu、Pb and so on were performed.
  3. Experience of femtosecond, picosecond laser system and optical parameters generation technology.
  4. The experiments of Argon atomic ionization under ultrafast laser: The momentum distributions of recoil ions were measured. 
  5. Responsible for the project of Ultrafast X-ray sources. The ultrafast XUV platform for atomic physics has been built in IMP. A Flat field grating spectrometer for XUV was designed and built. Up to now, we have finished the measurements for the spectra of HHG produced by He, Ne, Ar, Xe, N2, N2O, CO2 and so on. 
  6. Responsible for the experiments of low energy heavy ions interacting with laser-produced plasma: an experimental setup was designed and built for studying of interaction between low-energy heavy ions with laser-produced plasma.
  7. Experience of Labview programming: some software for laser plasma spectrum analyzed, laser ionization mass spectra and others were built.
  8. Experience of vacuum technology: the experimental chamber for laser resonant ionization was designed and built.