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Dr. Ke Cao, Associate Professor, Supervisor of Postgraduates

2019.12-now, Xidian University, Associate Professor;

2019.09-2019.11, City University, Research Associate;

2016.09-2019.08, City University, Doctor of Philosophy.

Contact Information

Address: No.2 Taibai South Rd, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China.

Email: caoke@xidian.edu.cn


Research interests

1. Micro/nanomechanics and Micro-nano electromechanical system

2. Micro/nanodevices fabrication and characterization

Recent news


  • Our collaborative paper entitled "Experimental nanomechanics of 2D materials for strain engineering" was published in Applied Nanoscience (2021/02).




    • Our collaborative paper entitled "Crystallized Monolayer Semiconductor for Ohmic Contact Resistance, High Intrinsic Gain, and High Current Density" was published in Advanced Materials 32(34):2002281 (2020/07).