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Name Title :

 Prof./Dr. Zhanqi XU (Jason XU)

 徐展琦(Chinese Name)


Supervisor for post-graduate and Phd. students

Major Programm:

 Information and Telecommunication Eng. (for Phd. students)

telecommunication and Information system (for ME/MS students)


State Key Lab. on  Integrated Service networks, Xidian Univ., Xi'an, China

Contact Information


Internal Mailbox No.119, ISN Lab,

No.2 TaiBai  Southern Road,  Xi'an 710071 , PR China 



Jason_xu62@{189.cn, qq.com}


  +86 29-88204666


Dr. Zhanqi XU (Jason XU) received his BE, ME and PhD. from Xidian University in 1984, 1987 and 1996, respectively. All majors are communication and information system. He is currently a full Professor at National Key Laboratory on Integrated Services Network (ISN, ISN.xidian.edu.cn ), Xidian Univ., China.  Dr. XU is also the director of Laboratory of Integrated Communication Networks for postgraduate students.

He is the senior member of both China Institute of Communication (CIC) and China Computer Federation(CCF), and a member of IEEE. He saved as the member or sub-committee co-chair of Technical Program Committee (TPC), such as. Int. Conf. of Optical Internet Network (COIN 2013) and 2017 worksop on SDN/NFV. Dr. XU is the reviewer for several international Journals, including Optical Fiber Technology, Journal of Network and Computer Applications, Chinese Journal of Electronics, the Journal of China universities of Post and Telecommunication.


Research Interests


His interested areas are as follows:

1) new networks architecture: software defined networking (SDN)/ Network Function Virtualization (NFV) , cognitive networks, data center networks(DCNs),konwledge-based network architecture.

2) optical switching, routing, access and communication

3) wireless broadband networks

4) network resource management: routing &combination optimization, intelligent algorithms, the application of mathematics to network Modelling

5) prototype implementation of networks equipment

6) data network performance evaluation

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