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  Liang Zhang

    Ph.D, Associate Professor 

     Doctoral Supervisor

     Department: School of

    Computer Science & Technology

      Xidian University

Contact Information

Email: liangzhang@xidian.edu.cn

Tel: 029-88202458

office: Xidian University,west main building,III511






Embedded Technology & Vision Processing Research Center, Xidian Univ(XDU-ETVP),was established in October 2015, which is based on the former center, the big data and embedded technology laboratory of Xidian Univ. It focus on embedded technology, enviroment perception and scene understanding in complex roboto scenes, mapping and navigating SLAM, deep learning, image distributed coding, image de-fogging enhancement and other popular research directions.


Education Experience:

  • 1999.09~2003.07  Master's Degree in Measuring and Control Technology and Instrumentations, Zhejiang University

  • 2003.09~2009.09  Ph.D. in Instrument Science and Technology, Zhejiang University


Work Experience:

  • 2009.09~2011.06  Lecturer in Software Engineering of School of Software, Xidian University

  • 2011.06~now        Associate Professor in Software Engineering of School of Software, School of Software, Xidian Univ

  • 2015.10~now        Director in Embedded technology & vision processing Research Center, Xidian University

  • 2016.12~2017.12  Research visiting scholar in School of Computer Science and Technology, The University of Western Australia


Participation in academic organizations and positions:

  • IEEE member

  • member of China Computer Federation (CCF)

  • Selected "Huashan Scholar Elite Program of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology"

  • reviewer of TPAMI (Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence), SCI, I

  • reviewer of Signal Processing : Image Communication, SCI, II

  • CVPR 2017 Reviewers, Class A International Conference, premier Meeting in Computer Vision

  • CVPR 2018 Reviewers, Class A International Conference, premier Meeting in Computer Vision

  • ECCV 2018 Reviewers, Class B International Conference, premier Meeting in Computer Vision

  • editor of Journal of Applied Mathematics

Research Interests
  • Embedded Multi-core System Research

  • Semantic SLAM in Robotics

  • Deep Learning & Computer Vision

  • Semantic Segmentation in the 3D scene

  • Gesture Recognition Research

  • Image Processing

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