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Yueshen Xu


School of Software

School of Computer Science

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Contact Information

Address: 266 Xinglong Section of Xifeng Road, Xi’an, Shaanxi

Email: ysxu@xidian.edu.cn; xyshzjucs@zju.edu.cn




2016.7 - Now, Lecturer, Xidian University, Data and Knowledge Research Center. 

2014 - 2015, co-trained Ph.D candidate, tutor: Prof. Bing Liu (IEEE/ACM/AAAI Fellow). University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Research Topic: Text Learning and NLP

2013.10 - 2014.1, intern as a senior data engineer. Netease research institute. Netease reading group. Project: Recommender system building

2011.9 - 2016.7, Ph.D candidate, tutor: Prof. Jianwei Yin. Zhejiang University, school of computer science. Research Topic: Text Learning and Recommender System

2007. 9 - 2011.7, undergraduate student, tutor: Prof. Shuping Zhang. Xidian University. Interest: Text Mining and Information Retrieval.

Here is my CV (English):  /ysxu/files/20170617_150848.pdf

Research Interests

1. Topic Modeling and Hierarchical Topic Modeling
2. Non-parametric Bayesian Learning
3. Recommender system
4. Probabilistic graphical model

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