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Name Title: Dr. Shuwen Xu

Department: National Lab. of radar signal processing, Xidian University

Contact Information

Address: National Lab. of radar signal processing, Xidian University




Shuwen Xu was born in November, 1985, in Huang Shan city, Anhui province, China. He received his Bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering, Master and Ph.D. degrees in Signal and Information Processing from Xidian University, Xi'an, China, in 2006, 2009 and 2011, respectively. From 2011, he is a lecturer and researcher in National Laboratory of radar signal processing. From 2013, he is a associate professor and master tutor in NLRSP.

     His research interests include radar signal detection, SAR image understanding and time-frequency analysis. He has published over 20 papers in journals and conferences, and holds 13 patents. He is doing or has completed over 10 projects including the National Natural Science Foundation of China.


English Papers:


1.Penglang Shui,Ming Liu, Shuwen Xu. Shape-paramter-dependent coherent radar targat detection in K-distributon clutter. IEEE Trans. Aerospace and Electronics systems. 2016,April,52(1),451-465. (SCI,WOS:000374160100034)

2. Jian Xue, Shuwen Xu*. Parameters estimation based on moments and Nelder-Mead algorithm for compound-Gaussian clutter with inverse Gaussian texture. IEEE International Conference on Signal Processin Communications and Computing (ICSPCC). Hongkong, 2016.8. (EI international conference)

3. Shuwen Xu, Jian Xue, Penglang Shui. Adaptive detection of range-spread targets in Compound Gaussian clutter with the square root of inverse Gaussian texture. Digital Signal Processing. 2016, 56: 132-139.(SCI,WOS:000380421500013)

4. Shuwen Xu, Penglang Shui, Xueying Yan. Non-coherent detection of radar target in heavy-tailed sea clutter using bi-window nonlinear shrinkage map. IET Signal Processing. Accepted, 2016. (SCI)

5. Shuwen Xu, Penglang Shui, Xueying Yan, Yunhe Cao. Combined adaptive normalized matched filter detection of moving target in sea clutter. Circuits, Systems and Signal processing. Accepted, 2016. (SCI)

6. Shuwen Xu, Penglang Shui, Xueying Yan. Adaptive sparse range-spread target detection in homogeneous generalized Pareto clutter. IEEE Tencon. Accepted, 2016. (EI international conference)



1.Shuwen XuPenglang Shui, Yunhe Cao. Adaptive range-spread manoeuvring target detection in Compound-Gaussian clutter. Digital Signal Processing, 2015. vol36, pp.46-56.(SCI)



1. Shuwen XuPenglang Shui. Range-Spread Target Detection using 2D Non-Local Nonlinear Shrinkage Map. Signal Processing, 2014,May, vol.98, pp.337-343 (SCI)



1.Shuwen Xu, Penglang Shui. Range-spread Manoeuvring Target Detection in Homogenous Clutter via Short-time GLRT Estimation and High-order Cross-correlation IntegrationIET International Radar Conference 2013. accepted. (EI)

2.Shuwen Xu, Penglang Shui. Entropy-based Detection of Manoeuvring Range-spread Aircraft Targets in Homogenous Weather Clutter, 2013  EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, Regular paper,Vol. 2013,issue1.(SCI,DOI:10.1186/1687-6180-2013-94)



1. Shuwen Xu, Penglang Shui. Range-spread target detection in white Gaussian noise via two-dimensional non-linear shrinkage map and geometric average integration. IET radar, sonar and navigation. 2012, Vol. 6, No.2, pp. 90-98.(SCI)

2. Shuwen Xu, Penglang Shui.Performance analysis of Multi-channel order statistics detector for Range-spread target. Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics. 2012,Vol.23,No.5,pp. 689-699.(SCI)



1. Penglang Shui, Shuwen Xu, Hongwei Liu. Range-spread target detection using consecutive HRRPs. IEEE Transaction on Aerospace Electronic System, January 2011, Vol.47, No.1, pp. 647 - 665.( SCI:000286931800043, EI: 20110613648367)

2. Shuwen Xu, Penglang Shui, Xiaochao Yang. Double-characters detection of nonlinear frequency modulated signals based on FRFT. Science China Ser F-Inf Sci, January 2011, Vol.54, No.1, pp.136-145. (SCI:000286497800013)



1. Shuwen Xu, Penglang Shui. Nonparametric detection of frequency modulated signals using fractional Fourier transform. Electronics Letters, April 2010, Vol. 46, No. 9, pp.649-650. (SCI:000279068300031, EI: 20102012944522)
2. Shuwen Xu, Penglang Shui, Xueying Yan. CFAR detection of range-spread target in white Gaussian noise using waveform entropy. Electronics Letters, April 2010, Vol. 46, No. 9, pp.647-648. (SCI:000279068300030, EI: 20102012944521)



1.Shuwen Xu, Penglang Shui, Xueying Yan. A novel double-pulse detection method for aircraft target in ISAR. Synthetic Aperture Radar, 2009. APSAR 2009. pp:721-724. (EI:20101212789265)
2.Xueying Yan, Licheng Jiao, Shuwen Xu. SAR Image Segmentation based on Gabor Filters of Adaptive window In overcomplete Brushlet Domain. Synthetic Aperture Radar, 2009. APSAR 2009. pp:660-663. (EI: 20101212789251)

Research Interests

1. weak target detection for radar
2. range-spread target detection for the wideband radar
3. target detection in the complex clutter
4. High-spread target detection
5. time-frequency analysis
6. SAR image understanding

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