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The 9th ACMD

The 9th Asian Conference on Multibody Dynamics (ACMD 2018) will be held in Xi'an China on August 19-23, 2018. The main purpose of this conference, ACMD2018 is to enhance scientific and technological exchange and cooperation among engineers and scientists over the world in the fields of multibody dynamics and related topics. ACMD is an international forum for the engineers and scientists who are interested in the theory and applications of multibody dynamics. This conference will provide good opportunities for each participant to exchange the latest research activities. Please find details of the conference at the following link (Deadline of abstract submission is 2017-11-30):


Since the ACMD conference was launched in Iwaki (Japan) in 2002, it has been successfully held in Seoul (Korea) in 2004, Tokyo (Japan) in 2006, Jeju (Korea) in 2008, Kyoto (Japan) in 2010, Shanghai (China) in 2012, Busan (Korea) in 2014, and in Kanazawa (Japan) in 2016.


Papers are solicited in areas related to the theory and applications of multibody dynamics. The subjects of the papers may include, but are not limited to the followings:  

- Algorithms, Integration Codes and Software

- Biomechanics

- Contact and Impact Problems

- Control and Mechatronics

- Efficient Methods, Real-Time Applications and Hardware in the Loop Simulation

- Flexible Multibody Systems

- Modeling, Formalisms and Theoretical Approach in Multibody System Analysis

- Multibody Applications and Other Topics

- Multiphysics in Multibody Systems

- Optimization, Sensitivity, System Identification and Uncertainty

- Robotic Systems

- Railroad Systems Dynamics

- Vehicle Dynamics and Control including Tire Dynamics

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