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Jiajia Liu


School of Cyber Engineering

Contact Information


Room 319, School of Cyber Engineering,

South Campus, Xidian University,

266 Xinglong Section of Xifeng Road,

Xi' an, Shaanxi, 710126






Jiajia Liu received his B.S. and M.S. degrees both in computer science from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2004 and from Xidian University in 2009, respectively, and received his Ph.D. degree in information sciences from Tohoku University in 2012. He was a JSPS special research fellow in Tohoku University from Apr. 2012 to Oct. 2013, and a data analytics engineer in Aviation Industry Corporation of China from Jul. 2004 to Aug. 2006. He has been a Full Professor at the School of Cyber Engineering, Xidian University, since 2013, and has been selected into the prestigious “Huashan Scholars” program by Xidian University since 2015. He has published more than 50 peer-reviewed papers in many high quality publications, including prestigious IEEE journals and conferences. He has received the Best Paper Awards from many international conferences including IEEE flagship events, such as IEEE WCNC in 2012 and 2014. He was the recipient of the prestigious 2012 Niwa Yasujiro Outstanding Paper Award due to his exceptional contribution to the analytics modeling of two-hop ad hoc mobile networks, which has been regarded by the award committees as the theoretical foundation for analytical evaluation techniques of future ad hoc mobile networks. He was also a recipient of the Tohoku University President Award 2013, Graduate School of Information Sciences Dean Award 2013, Professor Genkuro Fujino Award 2012, Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Ph.D. Students Abroad 2011 and the RIEC Student Award 2012. His research interests cover a wide range of areas including load balancing, wireless and mobile ad hoc networks, Fiber-Wireless networks, Internet of things, network security, LTE-A and 5G, SDN and NFV. He has been actively joining the society activities, like serving as associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Computers (Oct. 2015-present), the editor for IEEE Network (July 2015-present), guest editors of top ranking international journals like IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing (TETC), IEEE Internet of Things (IoT) Journal, etc., and serving as technical program committees of numerous international conferences. He is a senior member of IEEE.


1. Our paper "Divide-and-Conquer Based Cooperative Jamming: Addressing Multiple Eavesdroppers in Close Proximity" has been accepted by INFOCOM 2016.

2. Our paper "Distance Based Method for Outlier Detection of  Body Sensor Networks," has been accepted by EAI Transactions on Wireless Spectrum.

3. Dr. Jiajia Liu was invited to give an lecture on “Cooperative Jamming in Wireless Networks with Eavesdroppers at Arbitrary Locations,” in Qingdao, Shandong (Nov. 2015).

4. Our paper "New Perspectives on Future Smart FiWi Networks:Scalability, Reliability and Energy Efficiency" has been accepted for publication in IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials.

5. Our paper "Reliability Evaluation for NFV Deployment of Future Mobile Broadband Networks" has been accepted for publication in IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine.

6. Our paper "Fault Detection for Medical Body Sensor Networks Under Beyesian Network Model" has been accepted by MSN-2015.

7. Dr. Jiajia Liu was invited to serve as an associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Computers (Oct. 2015-present).

8. Our paper "A Markovian Analysis for Explicit Probabilistic Stopping Based Information Propagation in Post-Disaster Ad Hoc Mobile Networks" has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications.

9. Our paper "Reliable and Energy-efficient Data Forwarding in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks" has been accepted for publication in IEEE Systems Journal.

10. Dr. Jiajia Liu was elevated to Senior Member of IEEE.

11. Dr. Jiajia Liu was invited to serve as an Editor for IEEE Network.  

12. A news dedicated for introducing Dr. Jiajia Liu was online.

13. Our paper "Fine-Grained Searchable Encryption over Encrypted Data in Multi-clouds" has been accepted by WASA 2015.

14. Our paper "On the Outage Probability of Device-to-Device Communication Enabled Multi-Channel Cellular Networks: A RSS Threshold-Based Perspective," has been accepted for publication in IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications.

15. Our paper "Device-to-Device Communications for Enhancing Quality of Experience in Software Defined Multi-Tier LTE-A Networks" has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Network Magazine.

16. Our paper "Device-to-Device Communication Overlaying Two-Hop Multi-Channel Uplink Cellular Networks" has been accepted by MobiHoc 2015.

17. Our paper "Average Rate Analysis for a D2D Overlaying Two-Tier Downlink Cellular Network" has been accepted by IEEE ICC 2015.

18. Our paper "Device-to-Device Communication in LTE-Advanced Networks: A Survey" has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials.

19. Our paper "A Stochastic Geometry Analysis of D2D Overlaying Multi-Channel Downlink Cellular Networks"  is accepted by INFOCOM 2015.

20. Dr. Jiajia Liu is organizing, as the leading guest editor, the IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing (TETC) Special Issue on

New Paradigm of Ad Hoc, Sensor and Mesh Networks, From Theoretical to Practical.

21. Dr. Jiajia Liu is organizing the IEEE Internet of Things Journal Special Issue on
Large-scale Internet of Things: Theory and Practice.

22. Our paper "Throughput and Delay Tradeoffs for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Reference Point Group Mobility" is going to be published in IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications.

23. Our WCNC 2014 paper "An Efficient Traffic Detouring Method by Using Device-to-Device Communication Technologies in Heterogeneous Network" is going to be awarded the Best Paper Award.

24. Our paper "Throughput-Delay Tradeoff in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Correlated Mobility" is going to be presented at INFOCOM 2014, Toronto, Canada.

25. Our paper "Device-to-Device Communications Achieve Efficient Traffic Offloading in LTE-Advanced Cellular Networks" is going to be published in IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, 2014.

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