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Research projects

Selected Research Projects

Study of information feedback in electronic commerce platforms considering seller’s strategic choice and consumer’s perception variation, granted by Natural Science Foundation of China.  Grant No. 71771184, 2018-2021.  Principle Investigator: Du, Rong.

Knowledge Sharing between Supplier and Client in Global Sourcing of IT Services, granted by Natural Science Foundation of China. Grant No. 71271164, 2013-2016. Principle Investigator: Du, Rong.

Knowledge Chain Management in Outsourcing, March-August, 2012. Principle Investigator: Professor Detmar Straub, Georgia State University, US. International collaborator: Du, Rong

Inter-organizational Cross-boundary Knowledge Sharing in Strategic Alliances, granted by Natural Science Foundation of China. Grant No. 70871096, 2009-2011. Principle Investigator: Du, Rong.

Knowledge Sharing and Intercultural Trust in Outsourcing and Offshoring, granted by the New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Program, the Ministry of Education of China (Grant No. NCET-08-0812), 2009-2011. Principle Investigator: Du, Rong.

Globally Distributed Innovation and Co-creation of Value: Cases of UK-China Collaborations. 2011-2012, CIGREF Foundation, Europe. Principle Investigator: Dr. Pamela Abbott, Brunel University, UK. International collaborator: Du, Rong

Inter-Cultural Trust Project: To Test Variations in Trust within Relationship Management between China and English Speaking Countries in Western Europe. 2006-2007. Principle Investigator: Prof. Cathal Brugha, University College Dublin, Ireland. Chief Researcher: Du, Rong.

Intra-organizational Knowledge Sharing in Multiunit Organizations, granted by Natural Science Foundation of China. Grant No. 70471068, 2005-2007. Principle Investigator: Du, Rong.

Intra- and Inter-group Knowledge Sharing in Multiunit Organizations with the Assistance of Transactive Memory, International Cooperation and Exchange Project granted by Natural Science Foundation of China. Grant No. 70610107001, 2006-2007. Principle Investigator: Du, Rong. International collaborator: Ren, Yuqing, Carnegie Mellon University, US.