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 Xin Zhang PH.D.

 School of Mathematics and Statistics
 Xidian University

 P.O. Box 347

 266 Xinglong Section of Xifeng Road
 Xi'an 710126, Shaanxi, P.R. China

Brief Biography

Xin Zhang began his research career in the 2010s at Shandong University, working in Graph Theory. His early research focused on the cycles-packing problems of graphs and now his main research interests focus on graph colorong probelms including total coloring, list edge/total coloring, equitable coloring, tree coloring, group coloring, etc. Since 2012, in which year he got the PH.D. degree, he is working for School of Mathematics and Statistics of Xidian University as a researcher. Until now. he has published over 50 peer-reviewed papers on graph coloring and graph packing. His recent research is mainly supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 11301410) until the end of 2016. 

Research Interests

★ 05C10 — Planar graphs; geometric and topological aspects of graph theory

    ☆ planar graphs

    ☆ 1-planar graphs

    ☆ plane graphs with independent crossings (IC-planar graphs)

    ☆ plane graphs with near-independent crossings (NIC-planar graphs)

    ☆ outer-1-planar graphs (psuedo-outerplanar graphs)

★ 05C15 — Coloring of graphs and hypergraphs

    ☆ edge coloring

    ☆ total coloring

    ☆ list (edge/total) coloring

    ☆ acyclic (edge) coloring

    ☆ equitable coloring

    ☆ group coloring

    ☆ (p,1)-total labelling

    ☆ tree coloring

★ 05C70 — Factorization, matching, partitioning, covering and packing

    ☆ cycles-packing problems

★ 05C75 — Structural characterization of families of graphs

    ☆ light subgraphs in a given class of graphs

Mobile Phone (+86)

20 23 21 21 2-∞ 23 2log27 22 2-∞ 23 22

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