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Personal Information

Qingshan Li

Professor and Doctoral Tutor

Vice president of the Graduate School

Organization: Graduate School, School of Software and School of Computer Science And Technology


The discipline guiding as Doctoral Tutor: Software Engineering

The disciplines guiding as Master Tutor: Computer Software and Theory, Software Engineering




Mailing Address:North campus of Xidian University, Box 291, at No. 2, South Taibai Road, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, P.R.China




Office Tel:029-88202814


Office Address:Graduate School of Xidian University, at administrative building, first floor of north campus


    Dr. Li Qingshan, born in Dec. 1973, is a professor and a doctorial tutor. He is a member of the IEEE Computer Society, a member of the ACM and a member of China Computer Federation. He is the academic leader of the “Software Engineering” which is the provincial key discipline of the Ministry of Education. And he enjoys the “San-Qin Talent” allowance in Shaanxi Province. He is secretary general of the software engineering committee of the Computer Education Institute in Shaanxi Province. As the vice president of Graduate School, Prof. Li is mainly in charge of the office of graduate education and the office of degree management. He is also the director of Agent Software Engineering laboratory of Software Engineering Institute.


    He received a degree of Doctor of Engineering in aspect of computer application technology in Dec. 2003.

    From Jan. 2006 to Jan. 2007, he was sent abroad to study and visit at Georgia Tech University by Chine Scholarship Council.

Main Research Direction

    The main research directions of Prof. Li are Software Engineering, Agent Technology, Reverse Engineering, Program Analysis, Software Evolution, Software Architecture, Software Integration Technology, em[ant]bedded software development environment and tools, Distributed debugging techniques, Software reliability analysis and evaluation techniques, Intelligent Decision Support System, Intelligent me[ant]ta-search engine technology and Software technology supporting Digital Medical.

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