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OMEGA is a research team led by Prof. Maoguo Gong. It is affiliated with the Key Laboratory of Intelligent Perception and Image Understanding of Ministry of Education at Xidian University, Xi'an, China. In 2012, OMEGA was appointed as one of the thirty Innovative Research Teams of Shaanxi Province, China.

'OMEGA' means ' O ptimization and Mining Knowledge via Artificial Intelligence'. Its research interests  are broadly in the area of Computational Intelligence with applications. The areas of special interests include

  • Evolutionary Computation, Fuzzy Systems and Neural Networks

  • Multi-objective Optimization and Large-scale Optimization

  • Image Understanding and Change Detection

  • Social Media Modeling and Computing

  • Various Real-world Applications

OMEGA dedicates to pursuing fundamental research and engineering application to creating innovative solutions. OMEGA has published over one hundred papers in journals and conferences, and holds over ten granted patents. Here is a list of OMEGA's publications.


Currently, OMEGA consists of the following four groups:

  • 'O' Group: Computational Intelligence for Optimization

Keywords: Multi-objective Optimization, Memetic Agent, EDA, Operational Research

Current Members: Yu Lei (leader), Yi Zuo, Zhenkun Wang, Luping Wang, Yang Wang, Zhao Wang, Nana Sun, Shu Kang, Shasha Ruan, Guanjun Li, Zhenglin Peng, Jiaxiang Huang

Alumni: Lining Zhang (2006.8~2009.3), Jie Yang (2006.8~2009.3), Xi Li (2006.8~2009.3), Gang Cheng (2007.8~2010.3), Chao Liu (2007.8~2010.3), Fang Liu (2008.8~2011.3), Dongdong Yang (2008.3~2011.12), Jun Zhang (2010.8~2013.3), Wei Li (2010.8~2013.3), Bingjie Yu (2010.8~2013.3)

  • 'E' Group: Computational Intelligence for Visual LEarning

Keywords: Clustering, Segmentation, Registration, Fuzzy Set, Active Contour, Evolutionary Algorithm

Current Members: Yue Wu (leader), Jiao Shi, Minghao Zhu, Hao Li, Dayong Tian, Shengmeng Zhao, Xiang Zhang, Chenyang Zhao, Pei Zhong, Chi Wang, Jing Lv, Yuan Shen, Enhu Luo

Alumni: Kang Zhang (2007.8~2010.3), Yinan Gao (2007.8~2010.3), Meng Ma (2007.8~2010.3), Xiaohui Jin (2007.8~2010.3), Zhi Zheng (2008.8~2011.3), Tingting Duan (2009.8~2012.3), Jian Zhang (2009.8~2012.3), Yantao Wang (2009.8~2012.3), Yan Liang (2010.8~2013.3), Jiangfeng Wang (2010.8~2013.3), Ji Jia (2010.8~2013.3)

  • 'A' Group: ChAnge Detection in Spatio-temporal Imagery and Data

Keywords: Difference image, Threshold, Clustering, Image Series

Current Members: Linzhi Su (leader), Meng Jia, Yu Li, Jia Liu, Bo Sun, Jiaojiao Zhao, Mingyang Zhang, Changqi Xue, Qiao Wang, Yongqiang Chan, Qiongzhi Jiang, Puzhao Zhang

Alumni: Qiaodi Wu (2008.8~2011.3), Yu Cao (2009.8~2012.3), Zhiqiang Zhou (2009.8~2012.3), Lei Fu (2009.8~2012.3), Ying Jie (2010.8~2013.3), Mo Chen (2010.8~2013.3), Lu Zhai (2010.8~2013.3)

  • 'M' Group: Social Media Modeling and Computing

Keywords: Networks, Community, Recommender, Fitness, Web Mining

Current Members: Lijia Ma (leader), Qing Cai, Lingling Li, Bingrui Geng, Shanfeng Wang, Xiaowei Chen, Baolin Huang, Jie Liu,  Yixiang Sun, Shuang Liang, Bo Shen, Fuyan Yuan, Jiulin Zeng, Chao Duan

Alumni: Bao Fu  (2009.8~2012.3), Tian Hou  (2009.8~2012.3), Lingjun Zhang  (2009.8~2012.3), Yanhui Wang  (2009.8~2012.3), Wei Zheng (2010.8~2013.3)


Dr. Maoguo Gong is currently a full Professor with Xidian University, Xi'an, China. He received the B. Eng degree and the Ph.D. degree from Xidian University, in 2003 and 2009, respectively. Since 2006, he has been a lecturer of Xidian University. He was promoted to associate professor and full professor in 2008 and 2010, respectively, both with exceptive admission. In 2012, he was appointed as the Chief Professor (Director) of the OMEGA Innovative Research Team of Shaanxi Province, China.

Gong’s research interests are broadly in the area of computational intelligence, with applications to optimization, learning, data mining and image understanding. He has published over fifty papers in journals and conferences, and holds more than ten granted patents as the first inventor. He is leading or has completed ten projects as the PI, funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program) of China and others. He was the recipient of the prestigious National Top Young Talent of China (selected by the Central Organization Department of China), the excellent young scientist foundation (selected by the National Natural Science Foundation of China), the New Century Excellent Talent in University (selected by the Ministry of Education of China), the Young Teacher Award by the Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation, the Young Scientist Award of Shaanxi Province, the New Scientific and Technological Star of Shaanxi Province, the Elsevier SCOPUS Young Researcher Award of China, and the National Natural Science Award of China.

He is the Vice-Chair of IEEE CIS Task Force on Memetic Computing, executive committee member of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, senior member of IEEE and Chinese Computer Federation, Editorial Board member for five journals including the International Journal of Bio-Inspired Computation, reviewer for over ten journals including IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, and European Journal of Operational Research.

Contact information

Contact address: Mailbox 224, Xidian University, No.2 South TaiBai Road, Xi'an 710071, China

Office: Room II-436, Main Building of Xidian University

Phone: +86-029-8820-2661

Email: gong (at) ieee.org

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